Scenic Foothills Community Council Meeting October 5th

Mayor Ethan Berkowitz arrived unannounced at our Scenic Foothills Community Council  October 5th. The Municipality of Anchorage had hatched a plan to move 120 diesel school buses next to Totem Theatre onto land reserved for an elementary school in our quiet, residential neighborhood – a big health and safety issue for us.

What were they thinking?

We had quickly organized protests on social media, sent e-mails and letters, made lots of phone calls to public officials and testified at public meetings, to which most of us hadn’t officially been invited. It worked. Our Scenic Foothills neighborhood was saved.

The mayor came to our community council meeting to tell us they had heard us and would make a different plan. SFCC President Jamie Lang invited the mayor to share a piece of “no bus barn” cake that one of our neighbors had brought to the meeting. He did. Way to go, neighbors! You rock!

Mayor Withdraws Plans for 120 school buses beside Totem Theatre

The Municipality of Anchorage presented plans to build a transportation facility for 120 school buses next to Totem Theatre’s parking lot. Angry neighbors from Muldoon and Scenic Foothills turned out in droves to oppose the plan at Northeast Community Council Sept. 21. NECC passed a resolution to oppose the plan.

The Anchorage School Board was slated to vote on a resolution in support of it September 25, but a few hours before the meeting started, Mayor Ethan Berkowitz withdrew the plan. He said they will work with the district to find another location. More upset neighbors turned out to testify anyway, “just in case.”

The next meeting regarding the planned development at Tudor and Elmore, where the Anchorage School District’s transportation facility is now, will be at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, September 27, at the Permit Center, 4700 Elmore Road. Making room for development is driving the bus facility from its current location.

The Municipality of Anchorage has chosen not to present the school bus plan that was withdrawn at the Scenic Foothills Community Council meeting October 5th. Moving the “bus barn” will still be a discussion topic. We dodged a bullet, but we need to make sure the gun is not loaded and pointed toward Scenic Foothills.

Please come! We have plenty of room and everyone is welcome. See the paragraph above  this notice for links to the agenda and the newsletter with more information.

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